TDD: How to Improve Developer Efficiency by Testing at the Right Level

Cypress HQ

Thu, Mar 30, 6:00 PM (UTC)


Hosted by Cypress

About this event

Test-driven development (TDD) is a best practice that involves translating requirements into tests and then implementing code changes until the tests pass. TDD leads to cleaner, more resilient code and faster development. However, it can be daunting to incorporate TDD into your software development lifecycle if your team uses a different code pattern. In this event, Cypress engineers Adam Stone-Lord and Jordan Powell will break down the TDD philosophy and explain how Cypress Component Testing can make TDD approachable and productive. They'll be joined by special guest Shai Reznik, driver of the Qwik community, and demo extending Cypress Component Testing to use your favorite testing framework or library.


  • Jordan Powell


    DX Engineer

  • Shai Reznik

    Test Expert/Devrel

  • Adam Stone-Lord

    Senior Engineer


  • ronald williams

    Community Program Manager