Steps towards Cypress Community in India

Cypress India Community

Sat, Mar 25, 6:00 AM (UTC)


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About this event

In this event, Santosh Kumar Kakani will join Cypress Ambassadors to lead the following discussions:

1) How efficiently we can do Automation testing and Angular Component Testing to avoid most of the issues

2) Top 5 Challenges we face while writing cypress automation scripts

3) Giving an idea on the Roadmap of Features

4) Creating feedback and delivering it to

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Those who wish to join directly from SIS India Office can reach out for Gate pass to contact +91 4066512061-65 or or WhatsApp 8099494753


  • Santosh Kumar

    Cypress Consultant at SIS-India


  • Jeetendra Gund

    Cypress User Group Leader

  • Kailash Pathak

    Cypress User Group Host